The Great Borneo Series

Are you a hardcore marathon runner keen to test your endurance?
Why not set yourself a new year’s challenge to complete 3 full marathon in 1 year?

The organizers of all 3 major marathon events in the island of Borneo; namely the Miri Marathon (MM), the Borneo International Marathon (BIM). and the Kuching Marathon (KM) would like to recognize the extraordinary efforts of all runners in particular local Malaysian and Asian runners who are planning to join all 3 full marathons in 2019.

We truly believe that our loyal supporters deserve a special reward and it is our great pleasure to announce that the organizers of MM, BIM and KM have collaborated to create ‘The GREAT Borneo Series (GBS)’. This is to acknowledge the exceptional runners who successfully completed all 3 full marathons for a total distance of 126.585km, each to be completed within 6.5 hours.

Beside the finisher medals of each of the 3 events, these extraordinary runners will receive a specially designed medal at NO additional charge! The design of this noteworthy medal will be revealed at a later stage. This medal can be collected upon the verification of the completion of the 3 full marathons, subject to all terms and conditions.

While not all of us may be able to reach the winners’ podium, this is one achievement which is well within the reach of many of our participants. Besides proving your superhero endurance, you can also appreciate the charm and beauty of 3 of Borneo’s most popular cities – Miri, Kota Kinabalu, and Kuching.

Since we are not charging anything extra for this additional medal for your achievements, what are you waiting for? it’s time for you to sign up for all 3 events and start training!

MM2019 – 17th March 2019 –
BIM2019 – 28th April 2019 –
KM2019 – 18th August 2019 –